Internal Communications Multimedia

Internal communications that always arrive and are always seen.

Never doubt again whether your employees have seen, read or heard your messages.

Cornero ensures full attention to your communications.


About Cornero

Cornero is an Internal Communications Multimedia software that can guarantee two things: your employees will receive important messages instantly and pay immediate attention to them.

With Cornero, your messages always arrive and are always seen.

How do we achieve this?
Quite simply: Using Cornero, you can send content that appears in the foreground on your employees' screens: PCs, Notebooks, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.
In a world saturated with information, Cornero helps you overcome a major challenge for internal communications: ensuring your messages not only reach your employees, but are also seen, read and/or heard.

How important is it to know that your employees actually see the information as soon as you send it?
It can make the difference to:

Ensure the success of a project

Enable employee issues to be addressed quickly

Improve customer service

Build employee loyalty

Emergency Management

Improve the workplace environment

Cornero makes the difference

Cornero Solutions With Cornero you can:

Send messages in any format: Video, Text, Audio and Images.

Send immediately or schedule distribution for a specific time and date.

Receive immediate feedback via surveys, polls, competitions, chats and several different channels.

Segment your message audience (individuals or groups).

Set the message size and position, as well as the display mode (Always On Top, Normal or Silent), on employee screens.

Collect statistics (who viewed the content, viewing duration, when the screen was shut down, etc.)

BENEFITS What are the advantages?

How it works Cornero sends content to the foreground of your employees' PC or mobile screens.

User cases

The CEO has an important announcement to make and wants everyone to watch a video he recorded.

Remind all employees first thing about a change taking effect today, via their screens.

Notify people they need to immediately evacuate the building.

Notify people the company has just been the victim of a cyber-attack and that no-one should open a specific email.

Notify the call center of an incident so that it knows how to respond to callers.

Reinforce key company security messages.

Send a reminder to participants an hour in advance of a meeting.

Remind employees that working hours are different today.

Send leaders a message to remind them they have to submit their performance assessments this week.

Never doubt again whether your employees have seen, read or heard your messages.

Cornero ensures full attention to your messages.

Frequently asked questions / FAQs With Cornero you can:

Is Cornero easy to manage?

Cornero is quick and easy to use. It is as easy as sending an email. Select the message, the recipients, the date and time you want it to be seen, and... "send". It is a high-technology tool designed for internal communications. It is very user-friendly and intuitive.

I already have internal communications tools - why do I need Cornero?

Cornero complements and reinforces your other internal communication platforms and channels. It does not compete with them, but rather helps you use them the way they were designed to be used.

Can Cornero integrate with and adapt to my technology platform?

Yes. Technology is not a barrier. This is not a concern. Cornero adapts to your company's platforms. For example, it can also integrate with an LDAP user list.

Who will "own" Cornero within the company?

Cornero is an easy-to-use communication channel. This means you can manage it yourself without support from your company's IT department.

Will I have to produce any special content for Cornero?

No, everything you want to send your employees can be produced using Cornero, for example: a banner, photos, a video... No adaptation needed, it is all quick and easy. You can generate content such as Text, Surveys or Presentations directly from the BackOffice.

Does Cornero use a lot of bandwidth?

Cornero does not use much bandwidth even when sending heavy media like videos, because you can select a specific time of day to send it. For example, you can send a video at night, leaving it to upload and schedule it for viewing the following day at a specific time.

Isn't it quite invasive?

All communication media have their own production, distribution and consumption logic. Cornero does too. This is why we produced a User Manual with ideas on how to best use the system. When used responsibly, Cornero is not invasive. On the contrary, it is highly valued by employees.

What happens if I am in a meeting?

1- Always On Top: always visible in the foreground.
2- Normal: Visible, but may be kept in the background.
3- Quiet: does not interrupt the employee. This mode can be configured for a specific duration.

Reach all your employees, wherever they are, on any technology platform, with just one click.

Certant S.A.

Cornero is developed by Certant, an Argentine company specialized in high traffic/availability Software Engineering project development, strategic planning and implementation for Identity Management solutions, and design & development of Innovative Technology Solutions .

Certant has been serving world class companies across a range of industries since 1999, with tailored technology support, IT solutions implementation and business software development.  

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